Welcome To Saint Elizabeth

Of The Hill Country

Catholic Church!

We, the people of St. Elizabeth Of The Hill Country Catholic Church and Church of the Epiphany, give glory to God by living the message of Christ. We commit ourselves to the true spiritual and educational development of God’s people. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit we strive to be a worthy and Holy Parish and grow in the Roman Catholic Faith.   

Thank You For Visiting 

Happening This Weekend

Saturday -- 4:30 PM Vigil Ordinary Form Mass (English Liturgy, Homily, and Prayers with Latin Chant, Mixed Hymns)
Sunday -- 9:00 AM Mass Ordinary Form (English Liturgy, Homily, and Prayers with Latin Chant, Mixed Hymns)
Sunday -- 11:30 AM Ordinary Form Spanish Language Mass
Sunday -- 1:00 PM Extraordinary Form Traditional High Latin Mass (Latin Chant, Dual Gospel, English Homily, Mixed Hymns and Prayers)

Inclement Weather Information - Nodaway News

Weather Related Delays or Cancellations of Masses or other Church activities will be posted on this website.  They will also be posted on our St. Elizabeth Catholic Church Facebook Page and shared with High Country Catholics Facebook Group and AppState Catholic Campus Ministry Facebook Group.  We do not currently use recorded phone announcements, local radio, or other websites for this purpose.   

Schedule of Holy Masses

All Masses are in person and inside the Church. We do not stream Masses at this time. All who come in good faith are welcome.to attend and worship. Catholics in good standing may present themselves for Holy Communion. You may wear a mask. Social distancing between family units is requested..

Saturday -- 4:30 PM Vigil Ordinary Form (English Liturgy, Homily, and Prayers with Latin Chant, Mixed Hymns)
Sunday -- 9:00 AM Ordinary Form (English Liturgy, Homily, and Prayers with Latin Chant, Mixed Hymns)
Sunday -- 11:30 AM Ordinary Form Spanish Language Mass
Sunday -- 1:00 PM Extraordinary Form Traditional High Latin Mass (Latin Chant, Dual Gospel, English Homily, Mixed Hymns and Prayers).

Tuesday -- 6:00 PM Traditional Latin Low Mass
Wednesday -- 12:15 PM English Language Mass
Thursday -- 9:30 AM Traditional Latin Low Mass
Friday -- 9:30 AM Traditional Latin Low Mass

1st Saturday of Month -- 10:00 AM Extraordinary
Form Traditional Latin High Mass (English Homily, Dual Gospel, Mixed Prayers and Hymns) followed by a Rosary and 15 minutes of meditation (Fatima Devotions)

We do not currently offer an all English or all Latin Mass. English Masses include Latin chants and occasional Latin hymns. Latin Masses include English Homilies, Gospels, prayers, and hymns.

Parish Schedules

Information and Schedules for Masses, The Prayer ChapelFaith Formation, Confessions, Adoration, Office Hours, Store Hours, etc. are available by clicking on the links here or in the Schedules menu at the top of the page.  Click on Events for additional items and events that may be scheduled.

2020 Diocese Fund Reports

Diocesan Support Appeal Fund 2020

     Assigned Goal -- $46,638.00

     Donations Received -- $25,295.50

     Paid from Offertory -- $21,242.50

Priest Retirement & Benefits Fund 2020

     Assigned Goal -- $8,754.00

     Donations Received -- $7.997.00

     Paid from Offertory --  $757.00

Thank you for your support.  We are now beginning to collect for 2021 funds so that we will, hopefully, not have to supplement these funds with offertory funds in 2021.  If you would like to contribute to either fund for 2021, use your regular or special envelopes, designate your check for the fund of your choice, and drop it in the collection basket or mail to or bring the office.  You can also go online and donate.

High Country Catholic Weddings

St. Elizabeth of the Hill Country Catholic Church (Boone Campus) and Epiphany Catholic Church (Blowing Rock Campus) are now available for weddings, subject to some precautionary restrictions and measures due to the Covid pandemic.  If you are a practicing Catholic and you are interested in having a wedding in the North Carolina Mountains at either location, even if you are not a member of our churches or a Catholic Campus Ministry student, you can call our Parish Office at  828-264-8338 to check availability, costs, and requirements.  Additional information on Catholic weddings and requirements is available HERE, HERE, and HERE.   A Wedding Information and Registration form can be seen HERE.

Friday, January 22nd is the National Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children. Please join us for a special Rosary immediately following 9:30 Mass, offered for the protection of unborn children. 

Youth Group  The next youth group meeting will be Saturday, January 23, from 5:45 PM (after the Saturday Vigil Mass) to around 8:00 PM. Youth in grades 8–12 are invited.  We’ll have some good food, play some games, and learn a little bit about our faith. Please click here to RSVP. Hope to see you there!

The National March for Life, scheduled for January 29, has been canceled.  More information on this will be posted as it becomes available.

Lectors Needed  We need additional Lectors for the weekly 4:30 PM Saturday Mass in English and the 9:00 AM Sunday Mass in English.  If you are interested in becoming a Lector for either of these Mass times, please contact Paul Kankiewicz at [email protected] or call the Parish Office.

Weekly Contributions.  Baskets are not being passed in order to limit your exposure to others and keep you safe.  Baskets are just outside all three entrances to the Nave.  Please contribute, as you are able.  Thank you for your continued prayers and support during these trying times.

Year-End Contribution Statements are available.  Register or login HERE and print off your own copy.  If you have trouble doing that, just call the Parish Office.  We'll be glad to print one for you.

Please Be Careful -- If a charitable fundraiser is sanctioned or approved by the Church, you will see the fundraiser announced on this website and in the Church bulletin with instructions on how to safely donate.  If you have questions about the validity of any alleged charity or fundraiser which is being represented as sanctioned by the Church, please don't hesitate to call the Parish Office.

For a complete and up to date listing of all current Parish News and Announcements, click HERE or go to the News/Announcements button at the top of the webpage and click. 



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Catholic Charities is a non-profit social service organization following the teachings of the Catholic Church.  They offer services and programs in the following areas: Burial Assistance, Counseling, Family Enrichment including Elder Ministry Marriage Preparation, and Natural Family Planning, Food and Clothing, Pregnancy Support, Adoption, Stay the Course, Supportive Services for Veteran Families, Teen Parenting, Transition Out of Poverty, Refugee Resettlement and Assistance, Immigration; and Social Concerns and Advocacy including CCHD & CRS, Education, Public Policy and Respect Life.  We are working with Catholic Charities to coordinate a way for them to come to Boone and offer their assistance to people of this area. If you feel you could benefit from their services, please contact the Parish Office. Watch for more information in the bulletin and on our website.