Altar Servers

Being an Altar Server is an important formative responsibility for young people. What they learn will help them grow in their Faith throughout their lives. Theirs is an important job. They are the Priest's most important assistants. They accompany the Priest as he enters and leaves the Mass. They remain at the front and assist with the Mass throughout the Mass. Their practiced ability to remain reverent and present a good example to their peers on how to act at and participate in the Mass will help them develop leadership skills which they will be able to use throughout their lives. 

Members of our Parish who have reached the 4th grade or higher are eligible to serve. A short training period is required. After training and practice, you will be assigned to Masses based on Parish need and your availability.  

If you wish to become an Altar Server or you are the parent of someone who wishes to become an Altar Server, please contact the Church Office for more information.