Bus Fund

A reliable and safe mode of transportation for transporting our Youth, University Students, and Adults as a group to activities organized and sponsored by our Parish or our Diocese is at the very top of Our Most Critical Needs List. A bus must be viewed as an absolutely required investment in the future of our Parish rather than as an expense and burden on the Parish.

Our research indicates that we need to raise a minimum of $70,000.00 in order to purchase and initially operate a vehicle of sufficient size to transport our current groups as a whole to off campus destinations. If you are willing and able to contribute to the acquisition and operation of a bus to  fill this gap in our ministry, please do so immediately.  The NEED is NOW and it is CRITICAL!  Your generosity will be appreciated for years to come. If you can help, please call the Church Office, contact  Fr. Buckler, or just make your check payable to St. Elizabeth Church Bus Fund and send it to the Parish Office or drop it in a collection basket at Mass.