Campus Outreach Ministry

Our Campus Outreach Ministry works to introduce our Parish to all Appalachian State University Catholic students, Catholic or otherwise. Our goal is to function as their home Parish for the duration of the university careers. We have Online Student Registration so we can establish contact with students. Our Knights of Columbus meet monthly with the Catholic Campus Ministry and provide the meal for that meeting. We coordinate the assimilation of students into our Parish ministries so that they can join us as fully functioning members rather than "Sunday visitors".

We are always seeking more student and parishioner volunteers to assist us with this ministry. We would like AppState students who are familiar with our Parish or wish to become a part of the Parish to join us in this ministry. For more information, you can contact our Parish Office, Appstate Campus Ministry, or click EMAIL to contact our ministry directly. Give us your contact information and when you will be arriving on campus and we will get back in touch with you to let you know how you can be a part of this.