Campus Assimilation Ministry

This Ministry seeks to change how incoming college and university students think of themselves at our Parish. We want our students to view themselves as fully involved members of our Parish, rather than visitors. Most students who are practicing Catholics will spend more time in our Parish during their 4+ year college career than they will in the Parish of their childhood and youth. Our Parish, in effect, becomes their Home Parish until they move on to the next phase of their lives. It is important to us that we make our Parish open and inviting to them and do our part to help them continue to be practicing Catholics during their college and university careers.  

Developing contact information and developing first name relationships with these students is where this starts. Parishioners are encouraged to make an effort to introduce themselves to students, remember their names, and get to know them. Students are encouraged to do the same. The Assimilation Ministry will be developing contact information and inviting student participation in Ministries, Groups, and Activities of the Parish. We appreciate volunteers who are interested in helping us with this Ministry. We are particularly interested in practicing what we preach by involving college and university students in this Ministry. If you are interested and wish to know more or get involved, please contact our Parish Office or contact us directly by EMAIL.