Catholic Campus Ministry

Appalachian State Catholic Campus Ministry, known as CCM, is a program operated under the auspices of the Charlotte Diocese. It is located at 232 Faculty Street one block from the Convocation Center. Erin Kotlowski is the Campus Minister and director of the Ministry. The Ministry provides support and assistance to Appstate Catholic university students and provides a gathering place for meetings, meals, music, prayer, and fellowship. Additionally, the Campus Ministry coordinates carpooling for Appstate student rides to and from Mass and other events at St. Elizabeth Catholic Church. Fr. Brendan Buckler, our Parish Priest, as well as a number of volunteers, work closely with the Appstate Catholic Campus Ministry program. Catholic Campus Ministry can be contacted by phone at 828-264-7087, email at [email protected], or by visiting their website at

The St. Elizabeth Parish Campus Ministry works with but is not part of CCM. Our primary purpose is to welcome as many Catholic students as possible into Parish worship and other functions. Our goal is to have students feel that our Parish is their Parish. We invite all Catholic students to register with us so that we can reach out to them and make them aware of all that goes on in our Parish. Student registration forms will be available at Contact Tables at Parish Masses during the first weeks of the Fall Semester. They will also be available at Contact Tables in the Plemmons Student Center and elsewhere for students who may not have yet visited our Church. Students can also click on Parish Registration on this website to register online. Students will be welcomed and invited to become fully involved in our Parish. We want student and local.parishioners to be on a first name basis with each other.

Beyond that, we provide services to students that may not be available elsewhere. We provide ride assistance, on request, through our own resources to and from Parish functions which CCM may not be providing carpool assistance for. We provide liaison assistance between students and Parish committees, staff, and organizations. We can assist in arranging counseling with Clergy or other appropriate professionals when requested. We are available to students, CCM, and student families to assist with any type of crisis or emergency situation which may occur during their college career.  

If you have a question or something we can provide assistance with, please contact us through our Church Office, or speak with Fr. Buckler or a Lay Assistant at any Mass.  CCM can also assist you in contacting us directly, if needed.