CCM & Student Announcements

CCM activities are officially suspended for the duration of the Appalachian State suspension of group meetings and activities.  Some activity may resume through the auspices of the Parish as it becomes safe to get out and about again.  Stay tuned to this web page or the CCM Facebook page for updates and information.


If you are a college student who is in Boone, please use the Student Online Registration Form to let us know. You can use the online form to share this information with us even if you've already registered with us. You can also update any information that may have changed since you last registered. Please register!


Diocese of Charlotte Hotline

If you know of, suspect, or have information about possible sexual or physical abuse of children or vulnerable adults or misconduct by any clergy, employee of, or volunteer within the Diocese of Charlotte or within its Parishes, report concerns safely, securely and anonymously 24/7 over the phone using the diocese’s new hotline,    888-630-5929 toll-free or report online at

If you suspect a child or adult is in danger, please contact 911 or your nearest local law enforcement agency.