Date and Time Sensitive Announcements

We have returned to a full schedule of weekday and weekend Masses. Current formats are based on recent responses to Masses which were offered in English and Latin. If and as response and demand changes, we will respond accordingly. See the Home Page of the web site for the latest schedules and announcements. The web site is your primary and most up to date source for Parish news and announcements.

Weekday meetings and classes remain suspended. Announcements will post on the website as they resume.


saint_joseph_pb.jpgAt the Eucharist Congress in September, Bishop Peter Jugis announced that the year of 2020 in the Charlotte diocese would be dedicated to St. Joseph. All across the diocese, celebrations, feasts, events, Masses and pilgrimages will be held in honor of the head of the Holy Family. St. Joseph is the patron of The Church,The family, The unborn, Fathers, Immigrants, Workers (Employment), Carpenters, A Happy Death, And more! St. Joseph obtains favors of any kind, but particularly in family problems, financial needs, purity, dangers, work, housing and a happy death. He is the universal patron---whatever your petition is, you can pray to St. Joseph with confidence. He was the foster father of Jesus Christ on earth, and Jesus still obeys his requests in heaven! God chose St. Joseph over all other men to represent the fatherhood of God Himself in the Holy Family.

This St. Joseph Prayer Book contains all the famous prayers: Novena for a Special Favor, Litany, 30 Days’ Prayer, Memorare, for Purity, Conversion, a Happy Death, etc. Priced for wide distribution at TAN books for $12.95, it is available in our Narthex or Gift Shop free, however we do request you consider a nominal donation of at least $5.00 to help offset our cost!

St. Joseph is seen as the protector of the Church and the patron of the family. Now more than ever we need his protection and guidance, in both the Church and in the home. In this prayer book, you'll find a treasury of prayers that draw you closer to the Most Chaste Heart of St. Joseph, including a Novena for a Special Favor, 30 Days' Prayer, Memorare to St. Joseph, and other prayers for Purity, Conversion, a Happy Death, and more. Includes over fifty prayers, litanies and novenas with a deluxe cover & binding.