Diaper Drive

Our Diaper Drive Ministry was the brainchild of a group of students who started AppState Students for Life. The Founders of AppState Students for Life were members of our AppState Catholic Campus Ministry Group who felt called to do more to support the work of Hope Pregnancy Center here in Boone. So they originated what has become a parish-involved Diaper Drive Ministry. When it began, it was technically a campus group project which was founded and supported mostly by members of our Campus Ministry, although our Parish participated and supported their efforts with publicity and donations.

 Things changed during the 2018-2019 school year. Prior to Christmas break, the Students for Life held their annual Diaper Drive again. It was hugely successful on its own. Collections more than doubled the previous year's collections with growing support from the Parish and the community. The drive was presented to our Parish with a short presentation by CCM member and AppState Students for Life co-founder Clair Williams. Recently retired parishioner and Knights of Columbus member Jack Ryan was listening to her presentation when it occurred to him that he might have a connection that could help the effort. Before it was over, Jack's connection, along with assistance from the Knights and other parishioners, resulted in 35,000 brand new diapers being shipped to Boone, free of charge, for use by agencies who support at risk mothers and their babies.

Clair certainly had no idea that her passion for helping mothers keep their babies would mushroom to the extent it did when she helped start the movement on campus. And nobody, least of all Clair, could have foreseen that she would inspire such a successful parish-involved ministry. Clair and Jack gave us a great ministry with their leadership. However, the need continues so we will need to keep it up for years to come.