Diocesan Fundraisers

dsaxDonations Are Needed for 2021-- Our goal for 2021 has been assigned.  Please donate as you are able.  The sooner we have this paid, the sooner we will be able to focus on our Parish needs for 2021.

Diocesan Assigned Goal -- $38,528.00

Pledge Balance To Date -- $4,563.89

Paid To Date -- $20,903.11

Remaining Amount Which Must Be Paid From Parish Funds Unless Sufficient Donations and Pledge Are Made -- $13,061.00

Number of Households Donating or Pledging To Date -- 31

Priests Retirement collection | Diocese of Kalamazoo | Kalamazoo, MIPriests’ Retirement and Benefits Fund -- It's a new year with a new goal that we have yet to receive.  But please begin giving now, as you are able so that we can quickly meet our goal in 2021 when it is assigned.