Homily for October 4, 2020

Father Buckler's Homily for Sunday, the 27th Week In Ordinary Time, Year A:

In today’s readings we are still in the vineyard, Our Lord is telling us another parable about the vineyard.  Last week Our Lord pointed to the Pharisees in the son who said he would go but did not go.  It became clear to us that we have to root out any tendency toward being a Pharisee in our own life.  We know that hypocrisy is a sin that will keep us from doing the will of the Father. 

This Sunday there is a particular application for greater trust in God and greater understanding of the truths he has revealed. The bishops of our country have designated the first Sunday of October “Respect Life Sunday,” so that Catholics throughout our land may become “just” by living fully our faith with respect to the dignity of all human life. While there are many challenges to the dignity of the human person made in God’s image, the great scourge of our time is abortion.  It ultimately is  the root of almost all of the rest of the problems against the dignity of human life. St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta — a just woman who taught us all how to live by faith — pointed to the centrality of abortion in establishing a culture of death almost 30 years ago when she courageously addressed the National Prayer Breakfast attended by President Clinton and so many pro-abortion politicians. She spoke very plainly, as saints are wont to do:

“Many people are very, very concerned with the children of India, with the children of Africa, where quite a few die of hunger, and so on. Many people are also concerned about all the violence in this great country of the United States. These concerns are very good. But often these same people are not concerned with the millions who are being killed by the deliberate decision of their own mothers. And this is what is the greatest destroyer of peace today — abortion — which brings people to such blindness.”

As we continue to get closer to election day, we know we must vote to protect the unborn.  Of course I would be abnegating my duty if I did not say something to help form our consciences.  We find ourselves bogged down in lots of spin and rhetoric.  It can be very tiring and confusing.  And what we truly need above all is holy Wisdom and humility when we step into the voting booth. 

When we step into the voting booth we can think that our vote is so small in the ocean of votes that it doesn’t really matter too much or isn’t that important.  We can think we are alone, no one is watching, I can do what I feel like.  But to the contrary, our action of voting is a moral act, in other words it has consequences on the soul.  It can be mortally sinful.  And we are never alone from God.

So we should desire wisdom, and in that pursuit, like the young man in the Gospels we must naturally ask ourselves “What must I do to inherit eternal life?”

The Church with our Lord’s teaching has given us Wisdom, it has laid out the 5 intrinsic evils that are popular in our society and go directly against God’s law and can never be promoted or supported.  They are called intrinsic evils, which means they are evil by their nature, by their object, by the act itself, regardless of intention or circumstances.

The 5 intrinsic evils that we can never support or vote for a candidate that supports are:

  1. Abortion
  2. Euthanasia – or mercy killing, misplaced compassion
  3. Fetal or embryonic Stem Cell Research- killing of a person, a soul, life begins at conception
  4. Human Cloning
  5. Same sex "Marriage"

These can never be supported, even if the candidate has a better policy on economy, immigration, war, social programs, environment, etc.   We can’t even begin to look at the other issues until those are not violated.  If we think about it, how can a candidate get lesser issues right if they can’t figure out that you shouldn’t murder children in the womb, or that marriage is between a man and a woman? 

One bishop put it this way: voting for a candidate who promotes actions or behaviors that are “intrinsically evil and gravely sinful” makes a voter “morally complicit” and places the eternal salvation of his or her soul in “serious jeopardy.” 

We must put our Faith first, God’s law first when we vote.  We are morally obliged to. In our decision, we need to prayerfully consider which candidate will limit abortion and appoint pro-life justices to repeal evil laws.