Hospitality Ministry

Our Hospitality Ministry can and does host most approved events at our Parish. We have a fully stocked and equipped kitchen area. We have complete serving sets and utensils sufficient for the size of our Parish Hall. We have tables and chairs. We have table clothes. We have centerpiece holders. We have party and celebration materials.  Whether it's a wedding reception or a meal for a bereaved family or any other type of special event involving food and entertainment, our Hospitality Team can probably do it or assist you or your caterer in doing it. We can set up indoors or outside on the patio decks, parking lots, or grounds. We have tents for sun and weather protection for events, too.

Our Hospitality Team is in charge of our Parish Kitchen area and also takes charge of the Parish Hall and outdoor eating and entertainment areas whenever those areas are needed for feeding and entertainment purposes. They host regularly scheduled events and special events. To inquire about getting your event approved and hosted by our Team, call our Parish Office.  

If you are interested in being a part of the Hospitality Team, please call our Parish Office.