Lectors, also known as Readers, have an important role in the celebration of the Mass. The Scriptural Readings of each Mass are meant to come alive, allowing God to speak to his people. By accepting this call, Lectors accept the responsibility to prepare well, and to continually seek ways of improving their ability to proclaim God’s Word. 

One or more Lectors may serve, as assigned, at any given Mass. Lectors may precede the Mass with appropriate announcements. In the Mass, a Lector will proclaim the First Reading, usually from the Old Testament. A second Lector, when appropriate, may proclaim the Second Reading, usually from the New Testament. In the absence of a Choir or a Cantor, a Lector may proclaim the Responsorial Psalm. In the absence of a Deacon, a Lector may also lead the Prayers of the Faithful.

Practicing Catholics in good standing, who otherwise meet the requirements, are eligible to serve as Lectors. Lectors are expected to have public speaking and reading skills sufficient to proclaim the Word of God to the congregation. They are expected to, by example, demonstrate a reverence and devotion to the Faith and the Scriptures through their actions, their dress, and their overall appearance as they go about their duties.

Parishioners and university students are invited to become Lectors. If interested, please call the church office.