Mass Coordinators

Mass Coordinators are responsible for making sure that adequate volunteers are present for the needs of the Mass. They verify that Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Ushers, and Servers are present as assigned and in sufficient numbers to meet the requirements of the Mass which they are working. If assigned people are missing, the Mass Coordinator must recruit qualified substitutes as needed from attending parishioners or otherwise make necessary adjustments prior to the start of the Mass. Mass Coordinators verify that volunteers know their assignments and how to perform them prior to the start of the Mass. Mass coordinators coordinate the activities of Worship Assistants, Musicians, and Clergy to facilitate a smoothly running mass which is free of unnecessary distractions.

Mass Coordinators hold a very important responsibility. They have to be familiar with and know how to perform every job that volunteers are expected to perform during the Mass in order to be able to do their job. They must be extremely reliable and willing to arrive early to make sure that the Sanctuary is ready for a Mass before worshipers start arriving. They must be willing to stay late in order to make sure that all lights and utilities are properly set and all doors are shut and locked after everyone leaves. 

If you are willing to accept responsibility and you have experience in performing or knowledge of most or all of the volunteer jobs that the Mass requires, please contact the Parish Operations Office 828-264--8338 Ext. 17.