Our Daily Bread

:Publix Bakery

The Our Daily Bread Ministry is something which came about through a partnership between Publix Grocery Stores and the Charlotte Diocese of the Catholic Church. The local Publix store has unsold leftovers in their bakery every day. They do not hold them for sale the next day nor do they throw them away. They make them available to local Catholic Parishes for distribution to local charities which they approve.  

St. Elizabeth Catholic Church has volunteers which pick up these bakery products early every morning, seven days per week. Our volunteers then delivery these products to the local food charity of the day for free distribution to area hungry and homeless persons and families. The amount of food which Publix makes available is phenomenol. Our volunteers have found that they usually can pack a medium to large SUV with what is donated each day. Publix, our St. Elizabeth volunteers, and the local designated charities, in partnership, are making a huge dent in the very extensive hunger problem which affects our area.

We are proud of our volunteers and proud to assist with this very worthy cause. If you would like to help with our Publix bakery products distribution ministry, please contact our Church Office or Herlinda Poe or speak with a Lay Assistant at any Mass.