Parishioner Prayer List

Please call the Parish Office  or click on our Online Prayer Request Form to request that someone be added to the Prayer List.   Names are routinely removed after three months unless a request is made to remove them sooner or the request is renewed.

Current Prayer Lists last updated April 26, 2020

Please pray for Parishioners and their Loved Ones who are in need of your prayers.  They are Ronnie Kowal, Pat Sabatino, Sara Miller, Bev Rosen, Norma Crawford, Joe Miller, Maureen O’Connor, Diane Assante, Mary Cuerdo, Dennis Quinn, Sue Taylor, Maria Tribby, Debbie Martin, Emily Fordick, Audrey Stone, Lisa Tighue, Alexandra Berry, Susan Tomaszewski, Christina Howell, The Moree Family, Carl Clearwater, Nick Stearling, Bruce Wetherell, Gary Reese, Ruth Drohan, Dick Fallis, Foster Jones, Ariana Martinez, Rita O’Niell, Barbara Barnes, Nell Fensterle, Pat DeCrosta, Diana Miller, Marc Shockley, Christine Streit, Rose Preston, Karen Wilson, Megan Harrell, Ed Rossi, Gail Wetherell, Nikki Meinert, Fr. John Schneider, Tom Klostermeyer, Gilbert Peterson, Wally Lewis, Carolyn Kanoy, Karen Barnett, Bruce Hobe, Michelle Greene


Please pray for our Seminarians.  They are Deacon Jacob Mlakar, Deacon Jonathan Torres, Lee Benson IV, Juan Miguel Sanchez, Joseph Wasswa, Darren Balkey, Aaron Huber, Harry Ohlhaut, Camilo SalasBowen, Chinonso NnebeAgumadu, Elliot Suttle, Kevin Tran, Nelson Woodbury, Christopher Brock, Peter Rusciolelli, Christopher Angermeyer, Anthony del Cid Lucero, Matthew Dimock, Christian Goduti, Matthew Harrison, Kevin Martinez, Jose Palma Torres, Luke Martin, Kolbe Murrey, Noe Sifuentes, Andrew Templeton, Clement Akerblom, Sebastian Alvarez Jaramillo, Michael Camilleri, Bryan Ilagor, Nicholas Kramer, Bradley Loftin, Peter Townsend, David CruzPerez, James Johnson IV, Michael Lugo, Patrick Martin, Simon Ohlhaut, James Tweed, Bailey Van Nosdall, Joseph Yellico

Please pray for the Men and Women in Service from our Parish Community.  They are Christopher Lawrence, David Barnes, Adam Pinkerton, Bob Mahoney, Scott MacDonald, Nathan Summers, Genia Bodie, Nico Caponey, Braxton Marcela, Ryan McGuire, Brian Clevenger, Fernando Rangel Ramos, Tanner Dieppa