Parishioner Prayer List

Please call the Parish Office or click on our Online Prayer Request Form to request that someone be added to the Prayer List.   Names are routinely removed after three weeks unless a request is made to remove them sooner or the request is renewed.

Current Prayer Lists last updated February 27, 2021

Please pray for Parishioners and their Loved Ones who are in need of your prayers.  They are

Bev Rosen, Joe and Sue Miller, Mary Cuerdo, Sue Taylor, Maria Tribby,  Debbie Martin, Emily Fordick, Audrey Stone, Lisa Tighue, Alexandra Berry, Susan Tomaszewski,  Christina Howell, The Moree Family, Carl Clearwater, Nick Stearling, Gary Reese, Ruth Drohan, Dick Fallis, Foster Jones, Ariana Martinez, Rita O’Niell, Barbara Barnes, Nell Fensterle, Pat DeCrosta, Diana Miller, Rose Preston, Karen  Wilson, Megan Harrell, Tom Klostermeyer, Gilbert Peterson, Wally Lewis, Carolyn Kanoy, Dave Lapham, Bruce Hobe, Al Olszewski, William Youngblood, Richard Ghent, Bill Ferrenberg, Phoebe Sinclair, The Quinn Family, Chelsea Alderman, Glenda Mullins, The Assante Family, Charles Steigerwald, MIchele Polan, Becky Gosky, Camila Escobar, Ed & Char Rossi, The Glenna Sieracki (Melanie Corts) Family, Our Parish Family, Amber Mellon and the Mellon Family.

Please pray for all the Seminarians of the Charlotte Diocese.  Seminarians who currently or in the past have been associated with this Parish are Aaron Huber, Michael Camilleri, Bailey Von Nosdall.

Please pray for the Men and Women in Service from our Parish Community.  They are Christopher Lawrence, David Barnes, Adam Pinkerton, Bob Mahoney, Scott MacDonald, Nathan Summers, Genia Bodie, Nico Caponey, Braxton Marcela, Ryan McGuire, Brian Clevenger, Fernando Rangel Ramos, Tanner Dieppa.