Special Funds Needing Support

Special Funding Needs

Church Pews, Solid Oak & Maple Pews, Pew Body Styles | Church interior  design, Contemporary church, Contemporary church interiorFlooring and Pew Fund -- You have probably noticed how worn out and unsightly our chairs and carpet have become.  Both our seating and our flooring are more than 30 years old, worn out, and beyond repair.  Replacement is the only option.  Bids on both flooring and pews are being received and evaluated at this time.  We plan on having both installed this winter.  Our Flooring and Pew Fund has been given a great start by the  very generous donations of some very generous parishioners.  But they can't do it all.  There is still more to be raised.  If you can help, please designate your contribution check to Flooring and Pew Fund or go to online giving and make a contribution to this fund.  Every little bit helps and is certainly needed.

9 Essential Factors to Consider Before You Install A Security System |  Hacker NoonSecurity System Fund -- We've known for a while that our security system is obsolete, outdated, and totally inadequate for our needs.  Recent attacks on church properties and congregations worldwide and even in this Diocese  make it imperative that we fix this problem.  We cannot afford to have the safety and security of the Parish, its Staff, and our Parishioners placed in jeopardy by our failure to provide even a basic security system.  Generous donors have contributed amounts to our Security System Fund which will allow us to complete two phases of a three phase installation and upgrade.  We still need to fund Phase Three.  If you can help with this, please designate your check to Security System Fund and drop it in the basket or bnrig it by.  Or you can go online and designate a gift to the fund.  Again, anything you can do is badly needed.  Bids are being submitted to the Diocese for approval now.  Your contribution is needed now to prevent Parish funds from having to be used to pay for this urgently needed working security system.   

dsaxDonations Are Still Needed -- We are now approaching the end of the year and are still in great need of donations to meet our goal for the DSA for 2020. $23,767.50 remains to be raised in order to meet our Diocesan assessment.  This must be paid by our parish if it is not raised through donations. If you have not already done so, please prayerfully consider making a contribution. Pledges can be made so that payments can be broken out over time.  See this week's bulletin for more information.

Priests Retirement collection | Diocese of Kalamazoo | Kalamazoo, MIOur parish has received $4,302.00 in contributions to date to the Priests’ Retirement and Benefits Fund. We are grateful for the generosity of our parishioners. Our assessment is $8,754.00. Those who can may still put a contribution in the regular collection any time. There are additional envelopes available in the narthex for those who did not receive one in the mail.  You may also donate online, mail in your  contribution or bring it to the parish office.  Thank you for your prayerful consideration.