St. Elizabeth Campus Physical Plant

St. Elizabeth does not have a full time custodian, either paid or volunteer. The St. Elizabeth Physical Plant does use a weekly custodial service for basics like bathroom cleaning, towel restocking, window cleaning, vacuuming of carpets, and mopping of floors. Heavier or specialty maintenance such as light fixture repair, carpet cleaning, etc., is contracted to licensed and insured private contractors.

Minor maintenance, such as changing light bulbs, etc., is done by volunteers who pick available jobs from our "to do" list which is maintained in our Church Office. Jobs on the "to do" list which remain unclaimed are hired out to contractors after a reasonable wait period. These jobs are somewhat limited by Diocese, insurance, and governmental rules on what can or cannot be done by volunteers and who can qualify as a volunteer for different jobs.

Systems maintenance is done by licensed and insured contractors.  

If you have skills and knowledge, or just a willingness to help out in this area, please contact our Parish Office or sign up online to help out with our "to do" list.