Weekly Reflections

The story of the rich young man in the Gospels helps
remind us of Our Lord’s call for detachment in this life.. He
asks Jesus what he must do in order to be better. Jesus
answers, “Go, sell what you possess and give to the poor.
. .and come, follow me.” The young man goes away sad.
The saints use to call this the contemptus mundi. We see
this displayed in the great work, Imitation of Christ by
Thomas à Kempis:
This is the highest wisdom: to despise the world and to
aspire to the kingdom of Heaven.
It is vanity, therefore, to seek riches which must perish,
and to trust in them.
It is vanity also to be ambitious of honors, and to raise
oneself up to a high station.
It is vanity to follow the desires of the flesh, and to desire
that for which you must afterward be grievously punished.
It is vanity to wish for a long life, and to take little care of
leading a good life.
It is vanity also to attend only to this present life, and not
to look forward to those things which are to come.
Let us always seek following Our Lord in practicing
Sub Tuum Praesidium,
Fr. Buckler