Weekly Collections


You take part in a very important overall ministry when you contribute to the weekly Mass collections. You're helping to fund Parish salaries, supplies, maintenance, repairs, and all other normal operating expenses of the Parish. Additionally, the Parish contributes to the operating costs, charities, and expenses of the Diocese and our mandatory contribution comes from your weekly contributions. Without your weekly generosity, your Parish could not operate.  We thank you for your generosity.

If you are registered with the Parish, you receive envelopes to enclose your collection in. The numbered envelopes allow the Parish to keep records of your gift giving for your benefit at tax time. The envelope packages also contain extra envelopes for the extra collections which we are sometimes asked to collect by our Diocese.  You can tell when an extra collection is happening by looking at the dates on these envelopes. If you are not currently receiving envelopes in the mail, please contact the Parish Office.