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We have no Offertory to Report.  Offertory Reports will resume when circumstances permit.

We are now collecting for 2021 Diocesan Support Appeal and Priest Retirement and Benefit Funds so that we will not have to supplement these funds with offertory funds in 2021.  Our 2021 Diocesan Support Appeal assessment has been set at $38,528.00.  If you would like to contribute to either fund, use your regular or special envelopes, designate your check for the fund of your choice, and drop it in the collection basket or mail or bring to the office.  Check for more information on these and Other Fundraisers we have in progress by clicking HERE.

We are currently offering a full schedule of weekday and weekend Masses.  Offices are running on a normal schedule.  We are returning to full Church operations as rapidly as Covid mandates and funding allow.  We appreciate and need your support as we return to full normal operations.  Please keep us in your prayers and help us with our collection basket as you are able.  

Donations can be sent to the office at:  St. Elizabeth Catholic Church, 259 Pilgrims Way, Boone, NC  28607 or you can sign up for online giving below.

Please click on ONLINE GIVING to sign up for or log in to secure online giving

If you are a registered member of the Parish, you can receive envelopes to enclose your collection in. The numbered envelopes allow the Parish to keep records of your gift-giving for your benefit at tax time. The envelope packages also contain extra envelopes for the extra collections which we are sometimes asked to collect by our Diocese.  You can tell when an extra collection is happening by looking at the dates on these envelopes.

If you are not currently receiving envelopes in the mail, and you would like to, please contact the Parish Office or go online to register and request envelopes.